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  • Paul Sandhu

  • Head of Investment Solutions, Asia
  • Conning
Paul Sandhu
Head of Investment Solutions, Asia
Paul heads the Investment Solutions unit in Asia Pacific. He started his career in the life insurance industry as an actuary in the liability management unit at USAA in the US, where he created and managed many of the processes used for SAA/ALM/ERM and annuity pricing. He also created strong processes for re-enforcing the relationship between the asset management and actuarial units. In 2008, he joined Conning Asset Management in the US and has been working closely with clients to help them with their enterprise risk management and strategic asset allocation. In 2012, Paul transferred to Hong Kong to lead their Investment Solutions division in Asia.

Paul graduated from the University of British Columbia with Honors Bachelors in Science with a specialization in Theoretical Physics, he focused his research on the theory of black holes, where he created and analyzed simulations of a stars evolution into black holes by solving Einstein’s equations using numerical techniques. He is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries.